Betty's Beer Bar Review

Should Have Just Gone To College

Submitted by Nax591 on Fri, 2010-09-24 01:56.
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Three Different Modes of Play.
Ridiculous Patrons. Skill-less Gameplay. Uninteresting.

I was being serious in regards to the title. A game called: "Betty's Continued Education" would have been substantially more fun than working at these bars.

First of all, who are these people that are being served? If a man came into a bar dressed as a pirate, superhero, a spy, or any other out-of-the-ordinary costume, the last thing I would do is serve them beer. I am sure they have had enough by the time they got to Betty's. The game has taken a shot (pun) at creating an attractive, crazy cast of characters, like the game is meant for children. However, it is not amusing to anyone else. Betty is the only normal figure in the bunch, which really throws off the backdrops, environments, and the host of people you serve drinks. It feels like one large, disorganized mess.

Betty does not attract 'normal' people, but she can move quickly, as long as you can. The game plays like any other fast-paced, "skillful" adventure. Simply serve drinks to your customers quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Do not keep them waiting, less they start cussing at innocent, little Betty for more alcohol; and keeping a pirate from his alcohol is never a good thing. Once your patrons have a little too much, you will need to serve them coffee. Wait, coffee? Yes, Betty serves drunk people coffee. Unfortunately, coffee will not actually rid you of drunk-ness. This might be why Betty did not go to college.

At the end of the day it is all about the tips, though. Earn enough cash and eventually Betty will get that bar on a tropical beach that she has always wanted. You can play through Story Mode to see her dream come true, challenge yourself with Time Attack, or just engage in Free Play and serve drinks all night long if you like. No matter what you do, the difficulty only presents so much frustration, and you will have the entire game down within minutes. Underneath the drunk customers and Betty's serving skills, it all just feels like a child's game with an 'adult' mask on. There is very limited fun here for anyone under 12 years old.


Serving drinks can be a rewarding job, and a very challenging one at that. It takes lots of preparation, memory skills, and patience. Betty's Beer Bar puts all of that to shame in a sad, linear simulation experience. I would suggest skipping out on this adventure, and hoping Betty will come up with a better way to earn her money in a future release.