XoftSpy Review

Not too bad but not the best in the market

Submitted by Masoudsoftware on Sun, 2010-09-26 05:16.
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The lowest price: 27.97$
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it does what it says which is finding spyware, keyloggers, worms. Interface is user friendly and easy to understand. it loads very fast.
It slows down you computer, and uses too much resources. When this software loads, my computer memory usage goes all the way to 100% and stays there for few minutes.

Besides the fact that speed of scanning is fast compare to other software, most of the the software crash and forces you to restart your computer.

In my idea the software is very powerful and I like the schedule featuring of this software. The other impressive feature of the software is its huge huge definitions database which I thought at the beginning is a big plus for a spyware software but after running the scan I realized there are some files recognized by the software as spyware however they are harmless.

Updating the definitions was really fast but most of the time it could not connect to the server to download the latest definitions.


I would not recommend this software to anybody. There are other software that can perform better and do not use too much resources, such as SpyBot.