Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar

Submitted by micromakrel on Sun, 2010-09-26 21:52.
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Simple to learn, decent storyline, kills time
Too easy to keep the interest going, for kids, bad graphic and sound

While playing the game, I found that it was pretty easy to learn and play, which hints that it is targeted for a younger crowd. Though it is easy, you find yourself consumed by making Betty serve the costumers fast.

All is done with a click of the mouse, ordering Betty around to her different tasks, which consist of doing everything in the beer bar. This makes it simular to other arcade games, and it seems unoriginal. The graphic is horrible and along with the dreadful music it drowns out the fun of the game after a while.

Being a simple arcade game, it does what it is supposed to, entertain for a couple of hours - but after that, clicking the mouse to perform the same tasks over and over, just gets boring.


Aimed for kids, with a storyline that is too trivial. Furthermore, the game is too expensive for just killing a couple of hours.