Midi Maestro MM4 Review

60% Effective MIDI synthesizer

Submitted by [email protected] on Sat, 2010-10-02 12:53.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
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Advanced software, but easy & quick to install! UNINTERRUPTED RECORDINGS!
Poor User Interface, Designed for Advanced Users!

I am a guitarist. Most of the guitarists love to impress everybody and I thought to boom some musical magic through some software, which have some interesting plug-ins. Considering the primary idea i had to cross MIDI MASTRO MM4 in my venture.

Installation was very simple and easy, glad to this process because most of the occasions when I try to install any Audio related softwares,I get ERROR messages. I did not get any unwanted threatening sound from my OS.

I tried here for the DEMO version, hoping for some basic functions which i could see in the User Interface. I was totally disappointed, the design template I saw, made me to think whether it could work for me or not.

UI was unprofessional,but I found the functions useful but have to do a search on the help menu.(Its a headache to read the help contents.) Musicians, artists are always not ready to read too much. Programmers should consider this.

The basic .WMA file cannot be open.Right click option on seperated panals is a useful tool. If it consists of more audio options of sound formats rather than .mid, .midi, .kar, .rss, its appreciative.

The Software is aimed specially at composers and live performers. It is fine that all the basic functions are given in the 15 day trial.
My price suggestion for this software would be not more than $65.


Targeted for advanced users. Beginners can handle the software with some difficulties, but can have some fun!