Alien Shooter Review

Alien shooter does this product live up to its standards?

Submitted by warvaingang on Tue, 2010-10-05 01:11.
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Excellent music from the main menu to the artistic drawings,sound effects very crisp in the game play,
The graphics indeed needs to be better looks a bit 2d.. I think it has a big development on the gore when you kill an alien red marks stay all over but no shoe prints when you walk with the character ... characters voice sounds like a computer vocal to much very annoying..character sometimes get stuck before entering the portal platform in game... Also it should have a lock on firearm for targets... also reminds me alot of pokemon for gameboy advance with certain level setups...

Alien Shooter a american dream to really kill objects or species thats not human nature and use guns to do dirty work.Great third person view game for teens.
However to similar to other games i played in the past from game-boys and ps1. computer and technology advances everyday there is to much similarity between this and other games way before this needs a better story plot and more friction with the characters how they are suppose to serve there performance using them.
But however the music and sound effects in the game is brilliant..


A great game for teens ages from 13-16 to enjoy a alien hunt.. But not something i would perfer to pick up in bestbuy over $10.00