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Submitted by Genesis Davies on Sat, 2007-03-10 16:48.
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The ease of use, everything is automatic. Very fast, which is always a bonus with email!
I would have liked a little more control over the photo adjustments, but the program did a pretty good job on its own.

This program looks a tad scary when you first open it, but you quickly realize that it is just the no-nonsense design. It is actually quite easy to use.

Previously, I had sized my photos in Photoshop, where it can take a long time to get things just right. With SendPhotos Gold, it took a couple of clicks and my photo was ready to go! Moving through several photos took me less than two minutes! There is also a Batch option for doing larger numbers of pictures at the same time.

The program offers you the option of sending from your own email account or from their website. It seemed to send faster when I used my own email, perhaps it caught hung up in cyberspace while being sent to and from the SendPhotos website. Anyway, I recommend sending it from your own account.

They also offer an online photo-sharing option which is a nice feature and perfect if you have a large family around the world, as I do. Photos of the grandkids can be quickly and easily posted and you donĀ“t even need to send an email!

I also liked that you can select options like sharpness, color, etc. and they automatically fix the photo. As a Photoshop nut, I do like a bit more control, but for the average person, this is perfect. It takes only a second or two to set your preferences and all your photos will be adjusted without any extra work on your part.

You can also add captions to your photos, something I often struggled with in the past. Picture frames are another email addition, which is not really a necessary feature, but it is certainly fun.


This program is worth the price. If you spend any time at all sending photos out over email, you can save a lot of time with SendPhotos Gold.