Midi Maestro MM4 Review

My personal analysis and verification

Submitted by IGBINOBA OMUVWIE on Wed, 2010-10-06 20:27.
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After I actually installed this software on my laptops and desktops, I find unique features and functions that I know other people using it, will find very interesting. They include; (1) It helps to Import RSD (Roland Sound) files. (2) The Synthesizer database contains synthesizer properties, patch names, and percussion note schemas. (3) It has MTC and MIDI Clock synchronization. (4) It has Continuous improvement and revision. (5) It uses standard MIDI file formats for easy data exchange with other software (format 0 or 1). (6) It easily changes common track properties: volume, patch, velocity, balance, key, offset, and timing offsets. (7) It also has Support for VSTi "soft-synths". (8) It is easy to use drag and drop "object" style interface. (9) Mix /Split/Resample/Filter audio tracks. Has full support for DirectShow (Sonic Foundry and CFX, for example) filters, Split/ Mix /Resample/filter audio tracks. (10) It records MIDI directly to WMA or WAV format (Windows Media) format for producing CDs or website audio. (11) Its playbacks and records multiple wave form audio tracks. (12) It helps me to apply my own numbering (and lettering) to measures. (13) Other views to be noticed include event list ,lead-sheet, piano-roll, staff, karaoke (bouncing-ball or power-point style) controllers (pitch wheel, effects, etc), faders time. (14) Tempo and clip maps provide what you need to see during a performance. (15) It has supports for external control of software features also. (16) Its helps me Click track for live percussionists. (17) It has large format beat readout, with color emphasis on beat 1. (18) When i am using this software, it’s immediately jump to any song or marker in a set. (19) It repeats or skips measures as needed during performance. (20) It responds to quick response for real-time action. (21) It easily adjusts tempos on the fly, when possible. (22) It usually enhances Cue to cue performance with support for caesuras, fermatas vamps, skips and cola voce sections
In the process of installing this software on both my personal desktop and laptop, I realized that its requires basic platforms, I mean operating systems that is compatible to both of my computer systems with MIDI MAESTRO MM4,which I am already using ok. They are; Windows Me (for desktop), Windows XP (for laptop), as I am speaking to you right now, it works fine. Lastly, in term of system requirement for both my personal systems, I didn’t notice any specification or restrictions, as far as I am concern.

From my own point of view after putting it on both my own laptop and desktop, I discovered that MIDI Maestro MM4 happens to be a software musically designed mainly for use by experience and inexperience (amateur) music conductors, directors, and musical soloists in theater musical live shows and similar musical conditions. Intuitive performance control Dynamic, powerful sequencing and editing capability combination to make MIDI Maestro the needed musical software, I have personally being searching for all this while.Thank you.


In my conclusion in regards to MIDI MAESTRO MM4 software, I was able to identify the things, which I think will help other users, wanting to make use of it. They are as follows: (a) Reliability: In my collection of tools, I have a 2004 hand painted box. It don’t have AC adapter outlet. It was actually built with love and pride. It has High quality switch and true bypass. High quality knobs. Guts are clean and thoughtfully constructed. Feels custom-shop while being a fairly large production pedal. (b) It is not easy to use: The pedal is not easy to use. Not even for the play and plug aficionado. If you are really a "tweaker"and look at subtitle differences in your playing /tone from day to day, this is a fun toy to use. (c) Sound Quality The sound quality is great and really, really fun. It sounds different with each guitar each amp, etc. Think of it this way - you blow $$$ on a vintage TS808 / TS9 for the chip that makes you "sound" like a vintage TS808 / TS9. If you are out to "nail" one tone and walk away, stay away from this pedal. If you have a good delay, you will really appreciate what this pedal is. You can also coax "useful" sounds like slap back and you can also generate infinite repeats, sounds, spaceship, volume swells, seasick sounds, etc.You can do some useful jimi rhythm fuzz, smashing pumpkins sounds, but you can also pull the self-oscillation / theramin / high frequency tone sweeps / Velcro shred sounds. Really cool. I primarily use a custom shop strat w/ duncan pups through a mesa boogie mark IV and a yamaha G50ii in stereo (I personally recommend this for other persons interested in this amazing software). But it can be obscenely noisy, or tight and quiet. Highly recommend it for intelligent oriented-melody "riffing". This is where the pedal shines. (d) Customer Support I will tell you honestly, I haven’t really tried them. My Overall Rating Basically as long as you understand the following points, you may have a bright future with this pedal: (1) Each time I noodle with this thing and I sit down, at the end of my relaxed session I have to rework the dials completely and it never fails.I start hosing and eventually end up somewhere entirely new (2) This pedal could really be a distracting. In a way that I sit down to play some tunes for jazz practice and end up playing some crazy rock riffs. It really helps with inspiration. (3) I usually get the very best results from a good tube amp d fun results with solid state .finally, get best results also from a good tube amp though, but not with other onboard effects. (4) It will not make your cheesy solid state Line 6 Amp sound like a Mesa Triple Rectifier. (5) It is not a Metal Zone pedal nor is it designed to be your "end all" distortion box if you are a noob, do yourself a favor and buy a Line 6 Floor Pod to "sample" sounds. Decide what you want based on the models, and go from there. It is not a productive pedal for people struggling to finger a Dm7 bar chord.(please people note this point)