Dropheads Review

Drophead Mania!

Submitted by Genesis Davies on Sat, 2007-03-10 19:24.
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Extremely fun and a good distraction with all those winking, smiling and grimacing little faces staring out at you.
Fairly simple.

These expressive little heads are quite addicting! They come in several different colors that have to be lined up in groups of four in order to make the Dropheads vanish.

Of the two game modes, I preferred Arcade. It drops new heads from the top of the screen periodically, but if you are fast with the mouse, you can line up your Dropheads and get rid of several rows before the next group arrives.

The Strategy mode lets you work without dropping groups of grimacing heads unless you fail to connect a group of four, then you get bombarded. This mode also features fancy blocks, like an anvil that erases an entire column and an exploding balloon, among others.

It´s not all about getting rid of the expressive little guys, there is treasure to be had as well! As you complete each level (every row raises a water level meter on the right hand side of the game screen), you get bits of a treasure map which later must be correctly assembled and the treasure chest opened.


Definitely worth having if you like Tetris-style games. It will keep you busy for hours on end, when you should be doing something more productive!