XoftSpy Review

Some programs appear brighter till you see them work..

Submitted by AbsoluteZer0 on Sat, 2010-10-09 08:19.
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* Clean Interface * Low Technical Jargon * Fast opening load time
* Poor definitions -> Low virus detection * Heavy CPU usage * No real time scan

Having tried this a while ago to rid myself of a Virtumonde problem, Here is my experience :

A "trial" software I had run before had found Virtumonde, but I had to pay to remove it, and it was ridiculously expensive! So after some searching, I stumbled upon this.

After a quick installation I was rather taken aback by the simplicity of it. I ran a quick scan, but the results were not helpful. Even with the latest updates and definitions, this software ignores many many threats.

And the main thing which makes software like Spybot, Avast, etc take the lead, is that they have on-access protection like Tea Timer, etc. The lack of such a service makes this a mediocre software to have.

Lastly, The resources taken for such a poorly executed search, are far too high to count as being productive. All in all, This software can be considered a resource hogging virus in itself!


Not worth buying, Does much worse than most free software.