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Works like a charm

Submitted by bajwa.projects on Sat, 2010-10-09 14:53.
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User friendly, works for new and previous versions of ms office documents formats, easily converts the documents containing shapes, graphs, charts, images and other graphics.
Some issues with the file size when used with office 2010, should have some options to tweak with.


As the title says, it really works like a charm for me because

1. when read the documentation written on website it was written supported for Vista the higher version of Windows OS. But i have windows 7 and it worked without any problems.

2. My another major issue was that it shows only *.doc, an *.xls as the default filter for supported files. So i thought it will not support or work for office 2007 extensions *.docx and *.xlsx (for office 2007). but it worked without any issue and even it supports the office 2010 although some issues with file size.

3. I usually convert my documents to pdf files and send to my mobile so that i can read them when i am traveling or i don't have access to my computer. But file size is a major concern for me as it should be small because mobile memories are small(at least my mobile..). But after converting to pdf PDFcamp keeps the file size small as possible also it depends that the documents contains any images or graphics etc. So PDFcamp is really helpful in this to me. although there was a problem with file size when tried to convert the word file created in Word 2010.

4. I tried to convert a word file that contains an image and chart on a system where office 2010 was installed. Every thing worked fine except one i.e. the size of the generated file was very large as compare to when i tried to convert the same file on a system where office 2007 was installed. For examle: for 850KB file it generates the 18 MB file in Word 2010 and same file is converted to pdf word 2007 generates only 1.4MB size. So i think this is an issue.

5. It does not have any problem for converting documents that contains the smart arts, images, charts etc.

6. Last but not the least, very easy to user, just need two clicks to get file converted i.e. right click on file and select convert to pdf using PDFCamp.


Although needs some minor corrections for latest version documents and needs a bit better user interface but Overall quick to use, true value for money spend and highly recommended.