Enigmo Review

Not just another puzle game!

Submitted by suikostar on Thu, 2010-10-14 01:22.
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Addictative, nice graphic engine for a puzzle game,sound effects and music, inovative,prize
Need a lot of practice before you can really get some top scores(this is relative), no other cons

Enigmo is not just another puzzle game. It stands out for its nice graphics and is very addictative.What i like about this game is that it gives us something new , something fresh, something that most puzzle games lack.

The first thing that stands out and makes this game different from other puzzle games is the stuning graphics.The game is very easy to learn, even though there is no proper tutorial which would show us how the most things work, but like i said it`s easy to get the grip.What i especially like about Enigma is the variety of the levels and how it gets harder the higher the level is but it still stays balanced, so level 2`s dificulty is not that higher than the first level but of course it gets harder the more you get to the higher levels.

The score system is done very well and it gives us the challenge to try to top the score again and again and drive us to our maximum.The game gets from time to time very challenging and you really have to use your brain to get some things done. So i would go so far as to call it a good brain exercise.

And during all the playing your ears get their credit too, the nice sound gives us a relaxing feeling, that gives this game a stress killer status too.


I would definitly recommend it, in comparison to the prize you get a really good time killer and can play the game over and over again without gettin bored of it. All in all a nice catch and worth its prize.