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Submitted by kazashmaza on Mon, 2007-03-12 18:42.
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- Lots of cute bright colored faces falling from the sky - A simple game with not much effort required (doesn't take much energy out of you) - possibly good for young kids
- Game ran slowly - just another of the same type of game - too many pop up windows for help

Dropheads is a good game if you're in the mood for something very basic without you having to do much thinking. The bright colored faces are a great touch and certainly brighten up the game. However, without this touch I feel the game is quite boring and just another variation of the many 'match the balls falling from the sky' games.

This is how the game works: The different colored faces fall from the sky and you have to move them to make groups of 4. They then disappear and the tank of water goes up. Once this fills, you finish the level and get a piece of the treasure map.

The game ran quite slowly on my computer, not sure if it was my computer or the simplicity of the game which caused this. Therefore, I got quite frustrated waiting for it to load every time I finished a level.


I do feel that it possibly could be a great game for young kids, aimed at focusing on matching like colours and for them to appreciate the faces falling from the sky. But I do feel that its not really for me.