AudioStreamer Review

AudioStreamer still holds up

Submitted by Shurik on Wed, 2010-10-20 20:45.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Clean easy to use interface, sound quality is great and general ease of use.
The $4 price cut is not enough, if they cut the original retail price down to $20 it would be much easier to recommend to anyone who enjoys passing time listening to radio.

For a radio streamer software that has lost support from its developer since 2008 it holds up pretty well, I've actually found a number of different uses in my daily routine. I've found it great to just set it to my preferred station and let it run in the background while I surf the net and browse forums.

Player interface is clean and easy to use, it lists most if not all the free radio stations out there now. Recording is very easy and clean, the file extension it creates is .mp3 so you can easily transfer that on your Ipod or an mp3 player of choice to playback later on the move.

I have not tried the cd burn option but that's mainly due to that feature being outdated in this day and my lack of old cd-r compact disks.

Running on Windows 7 the software feels a little choppy at times and definitely shows it's age and lack of optimization for the latest operating system, but that's mainly due to it not being supported anymore by the developer. I did run it under windows XP compatibility option with administrator privilege level checked but that did seem to make any difference.


While the $36 price tag might be enough to drive you away I've found this neat radio streaming program has found its way into my everyday life, if it's right for you I don't know but I definitely recommend checking it out.