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Latest color coding and all programming language sported

Submitted by usman143online on Wed, 2010-10-27 22:13.
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The lowest price: 27$
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facilitates work to be done faster by quite use friendly interface and hot key support, Contrasting default colors for syntax highlighting, great search and replace. overall this is fantastic in use.
it is so expensive since there are many other open source software available in the market so you see them and maintain its others features which others open sources software has.

i really use it.by using it i find so easier and fastest way to printout our mistakes and special features is its numbing system and color coding for the respective codes. The ease with which I could find the compiler is definitely significant our html tags and mistakes which is very difficult to point our to other editors like notepad.
it is not simply a replacement for Notepad and some other text editors, but more than that it is so good for me and others who is new for typing and coding the programming language or some others languages like html etc. Writing codes in any major programming or markup language like html including C/C++/C#, Java, HTML, Perl, CSS, xml, xhtml, VBScript or JavaScript etc can't be any easier with the Syntax Highlighting feature of TextEdit.
EditPlus also allows you to easily convert special American National Standards Institute - ANSI characters into HTML entities. You can preview your HTML code or Java Applet, but this requires a standard web browsers and it has also a ftp built-in but its has not supported all the site.


finally it is very good to use and helpful for the new coder and programmer but its is expensive otherwise it is best.