MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Mp3 Doctor is a sound doctor and sound editor

Submitted by usman143online on Thu, 2010-10-28 11:47.
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The great sound doctors which equalizer your sounds to best sounds quality but a little bit difficult to use
so nice sound doctors but not fulfill with others sound options

The MP3 Doctor is an easy to use audio editing related software which normalize your audio sounds volume normalizer, converter, resampler voice and This program, MP3 Doctor i feel is just like a real doctor. When i recently downloaded and used this program on my friends computer i found it very simple and easy to use.The designers highlighted the most important features to be included with mp3 editing software and integrated them well. I find them to be much more user-friendly than my experience with Audacity, where the entire track must have the change applied first (which usually takes a minute or so depending on system specs). The dynamic pitch, dynamics, and obviously equalizer controls are invaluable and should be included in all software of this genre.This program proved useful to any audiophile or music lover who feels the need to customize his/her music. But overall, there are only a handful of changes that can be made to each song, and I ran into some performance problems when trying to encode my tracks.The super normalize feature is a favorite of mine as well, you can optimize your songs to the best potential with super-normalize. Another bonus feature that had caught my eye was the karaoke tool with it you can out noises in the background that you don’t think will be caught in the micro phone.
it also removes all non liked sound removed which you dont like to add or not like to hear you can remove that sounds by mp3 doctors. it is also very helpful to Dj or radio compares which like to compare their shows in best sound quality.You might have mixed results yourself. I think this all depends on what kind of music and whether the vocals have the same pitch of the music or not.The normalizer feature helps in equalizing the volume and keeps the volume in the same mode throughout the track. Lastly, the pitch and tempo features are the perfectly working features in this software.


Good for who wants to customize their sound or others like a track. It is more useful for musicians.