BrickShooter Review

Cool Bricks not to be understand

Submitted by usman143online on Thu, 2010-10-28 12:03.
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Easy and Simple but not so attractive to play and sound which is play by background is a little bit boring also.
Easy to Play but Hard to understand the bricks.

BrickShooter is a game in which you try to match block colors but not more option and not other choice mean this game is so hard say to inextensible It seems puzzle games involving brightly colored blocks and the new, exciting ways to get rid of them are a dime-a-dozen these days.all over this game is pretty disappointing since the attempt to throw in more innovation to the presentation "Brick Shooter" has impeded the beauty of the game and made it much more complicated.the game can get pretty complicated; with seemingly never ending levels and options to select a large number of colors. But, where is the excitement? When I proceed to the next level, I'm not thrilled.
There's levels, if not an endless amount. The graphics is as simple as it gets, and the sound isn't too good either you should have some nice or rock music to add this sound and that sound or music change when one bricks match.On top of that, theres a windows format help menu. All of the controls are conveniently placed around the game area.Even very casual gamers who like to pick up puzzle games of this genre would likely be turned off by the lack of exciting sound effects and fun sparkly explosions. Everything is just way too 'bread and butter' here. Even the game's title lacks any creativity what-so-ever. The gameplay also lacks any kind of reward system.


Not so good game but you can spent your free or boring time to play this game also.