Diagram Studio Review

A must have tool for office

Submitted by Shakti on Sun, 2006-01-29 09:08.
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Flexible interface, multiple utility, grate library, simple drag & drop, easily customizable graphics and tools, good help & tutorial, layer drawing option, style sheet is a good time saver, poster printing, direct exporting to pdf and web page. Object Insert works grate, image can be inserted from file or directly from scanner.
Absence of Justify aligns option for text is a big miss. Asia maps are missing in library. Transparent filling and shadow blurring option may add more value to the software.

If Microsoft Office is the first thing you need for your office then Diagram Studio is the second tool you require. I am very sure you will agree with me after giving it a try.

Diagram Studio is a punching tool for creating flowchart, forms, workflow diagrams, software interface & enterprise application, conceptual drawing for engineering and building plans, networking drawings, simple 3d maps, geographical maps, graphical traffic routes etc. Believe me all these above jobs can be done in minutes using the inbuilt libraries of Diagram Studio.

It’s got very well organized & sophisticated libraries to cater almost any need of an office. Just drag, drop, resize, change properties of symbols in library and you are done. The style sheet option is a nice utility for copying same kind of pattern and colour combination for different objects.

This tool is too good in comparison to other software I have tried in the same category. All the library symbols are easily customizable and restorable for later use. The interface of the software is flexible and also customizable to suit your needs. You can directly export the graphic you created to image, pdf or HTML or save as template for using the same format later.

The poster printing option is superb when you want to print large graphics using a small printer. Appearance & looks of all the graphics and symbols are very professional and decent.


A must buy for office use. The Software is a grate value for money. One can save a lot of time and money by using this apparatus.