Dropheads Review

10 Minutes of Dropheads

Submitted by IvanTheCat on Fri, 2007-03-16 12:10.
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Nice interface, cool effects, great vibe
Can get boring, not very original goal for game

Race against the heads dropping from above, as you briskly match already dropped head's colors. The self-explainable named "Dropheads" makes a classic game fun again by adding the humorous dropheads and vibrant colors.

Dropheads is a fun game that engages all your concentration in the goal of the game. The simple but colorful interface makes the game easy to navigate, with some added eye-candy. The game provides informative tips and point outs, to help you move through each level. The pirate-like theme of the game expresses an original feel to the game, and goes nicely with the Drophead characters as well.

Although the game is great, it is not totally perfect. The goal of the game is not enough to keep someone engaged long enough to be excited about the next level. I also believe that the goal of the game has been well overdone, and this is another unoriginal goal, but with visual effects to cover it up.


In conclusion, Dropheads is an interesting game that anyone who enjoys puzzle games should check out. Although room for improvments, this game deserves a four-star for the fun it causes, while using your brain.