Age of Castles Review

Age of Castles - Age of Boredom?

Submitted by grzyb on Sun, 2010-11-14 02:30.
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A little pinch of atmosphere
Lack of animation, primitive gaming system, primitive fighting system, boredom

Age of Castles - the title, that leads your thoughts to old, but good games of your childhood: Age of Wonders, Age of Empires... That was something! Excited by the winds of memory you start the game without any hesitation and...

The first impression is not so bad. Graphics are characteristic for well developed flash games, you feel the atmosphere of 15 years old fantasy classics, but to pay for something like that? Maybe it will be quite playable...

I tried not to be sceptic. After checking carefully all the menus and control panels, I started to play. I happily pressed "Start Day" and experienced a huge disappointment - some messages, little summary of the day and nothing more. What the hell, I asked myself. It's some kind of a joke! I played some more time to see what will happen after that. Minute after minute my irritation grew. Leveling up is just collecting an amount of people, fighting system is extremely primitive, the only animation is the movement of people on castle overview screen... That's absolutely not impressive. That's weak.


The game is extremely disappointing. The title suggests really good gaming, but believe me, you won't find too much greatness in that. It's just waiting, clicking, waiting, "how boring!", clicking, waiting, "DAMN, I'M BORED!", turning off... Absolutely not worth the money!