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Style On Top, Please

Submitted by ZhoZho on Mon, 2006-01-30 10:35.
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There are many other little goodies for editing, such as a Style Sweeper for reformatting your style sheets and the ability to view all styles relating to a particular (X)HTML tag or CSS rule. TopStyle can even upgrade your HTML to CSS by converting to CSS any HTML markup that has been deprecated in favor of CSS.
The software is too complicated to be used by newbies and it ain’t cheap either.

TopStyle Pro interface is pretty much standard. It's what's included in the interface that sets it apart. In the Default Layout (there are three included), the middle of the screen contains the work area. Located on the right and left side of the edit area are several different panels. These panels can be hidden if desired.

One of the panels contains the Clip Library. You can store snippets of code here and reuse them in other documents. Another panel contains the CSS Palette Editor, used to view and change the colors in the current style sheet or style block. The Style Inspector panel displays the properties of the code on the selected line in the editor. It gives the attributes of each property, listing even the deprecated ones. The Selector List panel displays each selector used in the current style sheet, divided into elements, classes, and IDs. Clicking on a selector will highlight it in the editor. Creating new selectors can be done either manually or by using the Selector Editor.

TopStyle provides for management of your Web site, right on your computer. It offers features such as a summary view of your site, including all style sheets and HTML documents, all broken style links, recently changed documents (HTML and style sheets), and all style sheets with @import statements. The program maintains a database of your site layout and can rebuild the site in the event it has been modified by another program. Site reports cover ID overview, class usage, orphan and undefined classes, and case mismatch.

The program includes a lite version of CSE HTML Validator. If you have the full version, TopStyle will integrate with it. You can also use the built-in link to the W3C Validator. The results are returned within the program


TopStyle Pro is a very comprehensive (X)HTML/CSS editor. Overall, the program should make your Web design work flow much easier. If you already have a favorite program for developing Web sites, TopStyle Pro can work alongside it, adding many other features not found anywhere else.