Home Plan Pro Review

Create a professional looking plan without the skill

Submitted by kazashmaza on Fri, 2007-03-16 15:44.
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the program is very easy to use and the outcome looks extremely professional.
too simple for professional users or those with more skill. The features are very basic.

I found Home plan pro to be a moderately basic program to use however made the plans look extremely professional without much effort.

A series of buttons on the left give you options to add walls, add shapes, windows, doors and all the most important features you would need to make a home design. I found that even though the help files were very comprehensive, it was unnecessary to use them due to an easy interface.

Although I think that this program is great for anyone to use for their own designs, I think that it would be too basic for professional designers and architects. The features are all you need at an amateur level but at a professional level they would be too simple.


I feel this program is fantastic and easy to use for anyone wanting to give design a go but would be lacking for those with higher skill levels.