Midi Maestro MM4 Review

A Good MIDI creator in my book

Submitted by sarahdragon26 on Fri, 2010-11-19 21:03.
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It gives exactly what it says it does. Very straightforward about it's functions.
After uninstalling, it caused my computer to crash. The Toolbar for File, Edit, etc; is on the right side instead of left.

This product is very surprising on how well it delivers exactly what it says it does. I scanned the program before installing it, finding no viruses, and it installed very quickly, with no noticeable problems. The Midi Doctor did not slow down or take up too much memory of my computer, which also helps in liking certain programs, on how much memory they use up while running them.

Something that troubled me a little is that the toolbar for the file, edit, etc, is on the far right side of the program, which normally can get people confused for they will look on the left side for these commands, for most programs have the toolbars there.

On the very bottom it always seemed to say Help is F1, which is very helpful if you are confused about any of the functions of the MIDI Doctor program. The Help screen is very straightforward with clear icons about editing, setting up, etc. These helped me find out questions I had about setting my midi up.

I have played the piano, the violin, and sang professionally, so seeing the ball on the bottom next to the volume and play controls was a nice addition to making sure your music stays on a certain beat. You can make the beat faster or slower, which causes the ball to bounce to that beat. I think this was a very smart addition to this program, for many people do things more with their eyes, then their ears. So seeing the beat, instead of naturally hearing it, is sometimes very helpful.

I made my midi using the Classical Orchestra setting, which is where my musical training started. Seeing all of the main instruments that you would find in a classical orchestra only reinforced my pleasure in this program. As well as using the natural notes that one would use when creating sheet music; such as whole and sixteenth notes.

When it came to the functions of the program itself, having the program tell you what each function is on the bottom of the screen, once you move your mouse over it, was very helpful and useful. If you know nothing about making music or the basics about this program, seeing the names of each function on the bottom can save the user a great deal of time and confusion.

I was concerned about how well each instrument was presented and I’m glad to say that the designer did very well on the presentation of each instrument. For there are controls that give you the ability to set the instrument as first, second, and on; the output and playrate; the volume, the timing, etc. Anyone who listens to any kind of music, knows that sometimes, timing makes the song and it has it be right.

In all, I made a very small midi to test out the program itself and everything seemed to work without an problems. My midi played exactly as it should have. I normally work with Mp3 format audio files so I would not normally use this program, but if I was to create an midi for classical purposes, this would be my choice. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to try it.

The only cons I have encountered with this program happened when I uninstalled it. I found a strange program called Dark Messiah attached to the Midi Doctor, which was left behind in my computer when I uninstalled the program. It did not register with my virus programs, but very soon after uninstalling the MIDI Doctor, my computer crashed. The Dark Messiah program disappeared after restart, but my computer crashed a second time. After a system restore, my computer was back to normal. I can not say that it was the MIDI Doctor program that caused my computer to crash, even thou there were no problems until I uninstalled it, but I advise others to be aware of this, when they uninstall the program in the future.


It's good if you have a desire to create MIDI's with classical or other sounds, as with as giving the user the tools that they need to make it work properly.