AT&T Natural Voices Review

Computer reading my text-(Wow)-

Submitted by zbrshakeel on Sun, 2010-11-21 11:28.
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1.It reads documents as long as it is text,pdf 2.Change the reading voice into a male or female. 3.The reading speed can be increased according to the way you can understand it
1.It reads in a robotic way 2.The understandability of text is average.

I am not fond of reading long text and.And to be honest I never thought of reading an ebooks which was gifted by my friend.And yes i wanted to read it but by no me so I went looking for text readers all over the internet and I came across many websites offering text reading fascilty and I selected the website AT&T natural voices.

When I started to use AT&T Natural Voices, I tried it on the ebooks and I discoverd that the sound was sounding robotic . Then I decided to try it on my other ebooks and after I finished, I became too excited as the words were spoken by a computer to me It was like magic.I listened to the audio carefully in order to understand what the sentence was really talking about. Sometimes, I found that some words were not pronounced correctly and I was not able to understand it completely.
We all know that robotic voice cannot take place of a human voice perfection.But later was completely disappointed.

It has options to change voices to either male or female voices so you dont get bored of listeneing to the same toe again and again


Interesting software as it reads text documents easily.But the point the software lacks is the text reading part and so the team should focus more on reading ability of their software