Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Bland Beer Bar

Submitted by MikeUnderwood on Wed, 2010-12-01 07:28.
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Passes the time extremely well, Interesting music, Easy to learn
Repetitive, Goals are not very interesting, Game gets boring after a while. Poor graphics

I could not think of a better word than bland to describe this game. Right from the main menu the game seemed unoriginal and boring and this standard was maintained right up until i exited the game.

At first the game play seemed interesting, but 10 minutes into the game when i released that there were no new challenges/missions being added, I began to fall asleep on my desk. The almost catchy music did add a bit of effect to the game, but even that wasn't sufficient to drown out the poor-quality graphics.

Whilst this game was extremely repetitive, it caters to those who need something to pass the time. The intended demographic for this game would have to be 3-10 year old's as not only would they find this game more appealing, but it is educational and teaches children the concept of keeping customers happy etc etc.


This game is extremely dull and bland however serves as a good time passer. It helps young children understand many basic concepts, but the poor graphics do not do the game any justice.