BrickShooter Review

Nothing Special...

Submitted by ejpseudo on Wed, 2010-12-08 03:33.
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Simple, and that's about it.
Bad response times, lack of modes, too repetitive, slow progression.

This game follows the same structure as many other games of the "match em up" genre. However, where it differs is the fact that the game board/area is a brick in itself.

The player's goal is to click on blocks surrounding the inner wall, effectively causing them to launch in a linear trajectory, and match them in pairs of three blocks against the center structure. Blocks attached to the middle structure get marked with an arrow, dictating a place where another block may go to create a viable match.

The game plays for what it's worth: a brick shooting game. Upon starting the game, the player is exposed to a setup that is nothing short of prosaic...but there is still plenty of value in these kinds of setups, right? If not, they would not reappear in so many games. You'll have the option of starting a new game (available at any time via a side button), a listing of your current level status and score, nothing too special.

The gameplay itself is lackluster, and quickly gets boring, since it is missing key elements(Time Bar, Powerups, Stage Bonuses) present in other games of this sort such as Cubix. There is also a minor issue with the control, which can be unresponsive at times. Maybe this would be forgivable if the game had a better layout in general. I found I had to start a new game multiple times before I could even get a good amount of matches without having the center structure clogged with blocks attached in a frustrated effort to get to the matches underneath them.

The game is off putting enough, but the lack of a good variety of modes in a game such as this is, frankly, quite embarrassing. In the amount of time I spent with this game, the only entertainment to be had was when I was exiting it.


This had the potential to be another novelty game (think "Diner Dash"-esque) but just ends up being a colossal waste of time. Don't bother with this one.