Smarty Uninstaller Review

Great Uninstall Software

Submitted by Reviewman99 on Sat, 2010-12-18 06:29.
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The lowest price: 26.15$
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Better than the Add/Remove feature in Windows. Good looking user interface. Lets you perform forced uninstallations. Cleans registry entries and left overs
Does not have the ability to install or re-install a software. Not the best uninstaller software on the net. A little bit too expensive actually... Why buying this software when i can get a better uninstaller software for free

Smarty uninstaller is a great software for removing programs from your computer. It can even delete registry entries such as left overs and other trash that a program brings with itself during the installation. You have to manually confirm that you want to delete these registry entries and left overs once the selected program of your choice has been uninstalled from the computer. These left overs and registry entries can be pretty annoying, because the standard add/remove programs feature in Windows does not properly or not at all delete these trash files. The program has really a nice user interface where you can see the installed programs as color-rich good looking icons, instead of just a simple list like the original add/remove programs in Windows. It also has a section where you can view system hidden components such as Windows programs or possibly even updates for Windows, and best of all you can even remove Windows programs that is included in Windows which you normally wouldn't be able to uninstall. I recently discovered a nice feature that says (Force Uninstall), Which basically lets you perform a forced uninstall of a current program that is damaged or beyond repair or can't be removed from your computer. You have to use caution when using this feature although, cause its a forced procedure and unstable to use.


Good software if you wish to use something slightly more powerful than the original Add/Remove feature in Windows. Although i would not recommend anyone to buy this software when they can get a more powerful software for a cheaper price or even for free