WinAvi Video Converter Review

WinAVI Video Conveter - useful and necessary software for you!

Submitted by Lightbeam on Mon, 2010-12-20 10:14.
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Easy to use, convenience, high speed, DVD burning
Lack of formats, RAM overload

From the very beginning this program shows nice interface, fast launch and gives you a warm welcome. You can easily choose your output format, choose the file to convert and here you go! However, the list of output formats is not as huge - only wmv, avi, rm and DVD ones, so you may feel lack of possibilities. In addition, supported media formats allow to obtain the most famous media formats, so be careful if you want to convert rare and infamous stuff. In fact, the option of DVD recording will be in the right place if the main aim is to burn the disc. Moving to the next step, you choose an output directory, and also access the advanced settings, that are rather convenient. The list of these options contains video and audio settings, such as bitrate, aspect ratio, frame rate, and some encoders to choose from.
Conversion is rather fast and it converts quickly, so you are able to convert in a short time. Besides, you can change the speed from the settings window. In addition, it has menu button, where you can see all the possibilities, including support center and program settings. Even though this soft is small, it occupies a huge amount of RAM memory, so if you have a lot of programs loaded, you may face lags and slowdown.
WinAVI Video Conveter is a great choice for those, who need the most needed options at hand, having the highest speed and high efficiency!


WinAVI Video Conveter is a rather convenient and effective software that can't be ignored!