Dropheads Review

The Heads Are Falling

Submitted by thepinkbandit on Mon, 2007-03-19 08:33.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Reinventing the wheel (in this case, another Tetris knock-off), often leaves the crowd unsatisfied. Dropheads falls much too short of the bar to be worth 16.95.

When playing games designed to challenge the user on a puzzle platform, the biggest incentive for the user is a worthy, well-earned score. You won't find that here. I had a chance to check out the global high scores for both Puzzle and Strategy mode. Both had an array of over the top scores that only amount to hours of gameplay that probably ended in severe boredom and carpal tunnel.

The upside, which is also its downside, is that the game is easy to understand and conquer. It'll take two seconds to get the flashy colors and scores cascading across the screen in a wave of over gratifying the user. Lame.


Not worth 16.95. I'd pay 1.99 for a cell phone port.