Midi Maestro MM4 Review

Useful software for musicians but needs little improvement

Submitted by selymi on Tue, 2010-12-28 10:50.
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Very fast installation with no viruses in it, doesn’t need much file size and doesn't slows down the PC
For beginners seems complicated and get lost with all that menus, the interface needs improvement, looks pretty amateurish to me

The good thing about it that allows you to convert ex. MIDI to WAV, the basic instruments you need to create a good track are all on the list, very quick action , I find out that the help menu rather is confusing than helping, gave too much information and I get lost.
Generally the MIDI MAESTRO MM4 has many useful choices at the recording of a track and gives many possibilities as visualization, mix and splits audio tracks, gives auto and manual choices to detect the right sound output device, has a very good ability to set up the desired volume and velocity . You can mix well and achieve different styles and you can apply your own lettering and numbering to measures.
The sequencing and editing capabilities of Midi are very good, it has tempo and track maps that provides what you need to see during a musical performance.
I used only this software's basic functions like: map commands, effects, splitting audio clips, and all worked as I imagined this software will do, so basically Midi Maestro is worth the money if you are a devoted musician who tries to get the best out of your track.


Pretty god software for musicians, needs little improvement to be more understable for the beginners but has good applications and features