Handy Backup Review

Handy Backup a good easy to use sotware for network Pc

Submitted by furioc on Tue, 2010-12-28 20:54.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
This software has all important functions of a good backup utility and is easy to configure, to make good backups on CD also with compression.
It is maybe too light for heavy tasks. There is no free version for home users unfortunately.

Company and installation.

Handy Back up is realized by Novosoft USA, it is easy to download and to test, the website is good and the company has an addrss clearly written on website and offers support to clients.
There are many recension about this product by important magazines.
The company is a medium size softwarehouse.
Obeserving all this things you can understand that the product is of a certain quality as it is indeed.

Installation of software on Pc is easy and fast, the software has a 30 days trial download copy you can get.
There is no freeware. It is not difficult to configure and to problems of sort in downloading.

Technical aspects.

Once you have installed the software open his windows that is easy to use and has an assisted method of configuration for backups setting and scheduling. It is also a good syncronization tool.

As you open the main window a well done and clear series of messages eplain what are the foundamental functions of this software and this is really very good so you have immediately a clear idea about the program.

Settings are not too many so that user does not get confused, and are easy to understand because of presence of little comments between brackets.

Immediately you find a good fact: you have to name the task of backup and then you set the source files and then the destination that can be
also the cd or dvd.
Of course it is also possible to make backup on server, or FTP, on Local network or external hard disk.
Then you have to decide the degree of compression and the kind of compression. All this things are easy to do and very clear.

Ther are also classic elements of explanation about what is an incremental backup and what is a full backup.

Schedulation of backup tasks is also very good and clear. Backups can be repeated also at small intervals of time so to avoid heavy and big backups of your Pc.
It makes also synchronization of two Pc with a similar very good schedulation of tasks.

It is also interesting because allows you to select what files to copy and what not to copy.
All this things make of this software a versatile and good backup utility for all client Pc on your Lan or for an home Pc. Maybe if you work with servers it is better too look for another software.


This is a good software and an easy to use software. It is for people who works at home or have a local network and has to perform synchronization and backup tasks efficently.


It is a good software that makes its work. It is well supported and efficient for home users or for a Pc of a Lan. It has all basic functions working and is not difficult to configure or understand.It has also compression of data and performs backups on CD, DVD and all other foundamental storage systems. For this is very attractive for many users.