SoundTaxi Professional Review

Enabled me to listen to my old collection on my Ipod touch

Submitted by calicoaster on Wed, 2010-12-29 08:23.
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- Converts audio files from most popular formats to the formats you need.It can also convert DRM protected audio to non DRM files. - Works really fast in converting huge archives of audio folder. - Quite user friendly and provides features to copy audio directly on ipod or iphone
- The size of the converted files may become smaller or larger, depending upon your choice of conversion in quality, encoding bit rate. If you choose maximum quality, you may run into space issues for storing large numbers of encoded files. - For conversion into mp3, it only supports constant bitrate conversion and no VBR (variable bitrate)

I have been a regular subscriber and purchaser of online music and it has been apparent from my experience till date that with so many options, hardware and software available these days, music too comes in various formats. Some are supported by digital music players only, whereas some others can work only on your PC. Various formats that I know till date are AAC format for apple, wma format for windows media, ra format for real players, and of course our regular mp3 formats. Soundtaxi professional aims at converting not just one file but complete music collection into the format of your choice. I prefer listening to songs on my ipod touch, just because of the quality it offers, and the fact that I travel a lot - so I prefer to keep my songs and audio books with me all the time, lest I get bored of travelling.

Nevertheless, many times the songs I receive from my subscriptions are of wma format, which definitely doesn't work with iTunes. Moreover, my older collection of songs that dates back to 15 years from now are mostly in real audio and wma format and I could listen to these songs only with special windows media player and real audio on my pc. With Soundtaxi professional, I found a way to convert all these songs into mp3 format quite easily. The software can quickly work on all popular media player software like windows media player, real audio, quicktime and itunes in order to get their output formats, and then re-records the files to more globally acceptable formats like mp3 and m4 audio files (according to your choice).

Apart from the conversion proficiency, SoundTaxi Professional can convert in bulk i.e. as much as 16 files in one go. This made it really easy for me to trace through all gigabytes of song collection I had, and it took only a couple of hours on my 4GB RAM laptop to get my standard collection of mp3 files using Soundtaxi professional.

The tool is extremely user friendly and it was quite easy for me to set the directory of files in it to let it work on.

Unlike other converters, Soundtaxi professional is also claimed to be capable of converting huge archives of media protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) into a non-DRM file. According to the official website of Ramka, around 34 various paid music services that offer DRM protected music and audio can be converted by Soundtaxi professional software.

I find it really fast and easy through this tool to burn converted music on my CDs to carry along in car. Apart from that, the software also provides facility to copy converted audio file directly on my ipod touch. The only issue I've found out that, the size of the converted file usually gets changed from the original file and if you have a whole series of audio encoded by this tool, you may run into space issues to keep them. I usually have to re-shuffle the song list to accommodate my favorites properly. The size of the converted files actually depends on what you choose for the quality, compression and encoding bit rate.

You can check the demo version of Soundtaxi professional to figure out the working of this software. However, the demo version converts only first 30 seconds of any audio file and executes at a pre defined speed which is quite nominal as compared to the actual version.
The software however offers only a constant bit rate mp3 conversion when you are planning to convert any audio files to mp3 as I couldn't find the variable bit rate option anywhere.

I definitely liked the software a lot. It is easy to use and works quite efficiently for me in converting audio files to support my iPod touch format.


I really like the software a lot. So far, it has given results according to its claims. Now, I can easily copy and listen on my ipod touch, all my old music and audio books, that were lying in my archives untouched since a long time.I definitely give this product thumbs up!