Spyware Doctor Review

Spyware Doctor an intermediate quality tool for malware

Submitted by furioc on Wed, 2010-12-29 16:00.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to use, good support, many awards.
You have to buy it to remove malwares found on your Pc, no free version available, some problem of compatibility with other antivirus.

Company and Installation.

Pctools is a big company with many offices in the world, it has a very good site on the Internet and exists since many years. They make products against viruses and malware since many Years and offer a good support. They also have many awards and you can see this on the site and have also many good opinions by important magazins.
So you can be shure that the product it is of a certain quality and you can download and install without risks.

Downloading it is easy but not very fast. U
nfortunately only after finishing the installation process you will unerstand that to remove the dangerous elements found it is necessary to buy the product.
This is not good because they should tell this at the very beginning of downloading process.

Installation has some step unclear so you need to pay attention to what is happening.

Technical aspects.

Once installaton is finished it opens a good main window, but somebody would expect something more rational and organized.

Just after installation it performs a basic scanning of PC to find malWares that can be in your Pc. Scanning is fast and you learn that this tool is basically against malwares and dangerous softwares.
It is not an antivirus.

There are four important buttons (the fifth is for registering).
The first button is about the status of software, it says if continuos shield activity is running or not and gives some other information.
Here you see that you cannot test the full version unless you do not buy it. This is not very satisfactory. Anyway you learn that basic features are installed.

The second button starts the scanning of Pc that, as told, is fast and does not take more than ten minuts, this apperas satisfactory.

Third button is to add special quality of euristic services against malwares, and other functions that complete the software, but you cannot test this euristic function unless you buy. Also this is not very positive.

Fourth button is for general settings of this software, and you can chose to change the language used by the software.

Fifth window is for registering and this means to buy the software and so test all functions you was not able before.

There is some other button in the main window but not very important,i. e. to make manual updates and so on.

final considerations

This software it is an intermdiate quality software, the problem is that would be better to have possibility of downloading a trial version fully working, because as it is now you cannot test it in full.
It is attractive because it is easy to use. It cannot be used with some antivirus softwares that have also antimalware activity.


An intermediate quality software that you can test on your Pc, and offers a certain protection against malwares, spywares, adwares. Some problem of managment may arise to users. For example it requests disinstanlation of important antivirus you may have installed on your Pc like AVG.