Enigmo Review

Excellence with a big 'E'

Submitted by Chaps on Wed, 2010-12-29 19:00.
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Pretty good graphics, especially for a puzzle based game. Ease of use, after a normal adaptation time of course.
Some bugs and slowdown that will for sure be eradicated in future updates.

Everybody likes physics and the ability we have to interact with our world. And so has everyone of us, more or less accurately, some kind of wont moving objects to certain places in order to perform a task or a wish.

Really few developers manage to use a very simple psychological fact that touches all human beings around the world to emphasize their software, to sublimate their games.

But one in a few times, peoples create masterpieces from simple ideas that manage to addict even the more reluctant puzzle-game user to their work !

Enigmo is one of these ...


If you don't own this game, you're truly missing something !!