Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

Analysis and verification

Submitted by IGBINOBA OMUVWIE on Wed, 2011-01-05 05:22.
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As a computer analyst, before/after installing this sothink SWF Decompiler on my laptop, i realized that there some basic features/functions that comes along with It, when using it. There are as follows: * Its helps me to Converts a SWF to FLA very quickly and completely. * I noticed that SWF in all versions can be converted and decompiled to FLA 6.0 or 7.0 or 8.0. * It supports exporting the Flash movie file (exe or SWF) in FLA format, compatible, with Flash 6, Flash 7 and Flash 8. * It decompiles Flash Movie (exe, swf) very successfully. * It decompiles, displays and extracts all Flash movie elements in groups, such as Morph Shape, Shape, Image, Font, Sprite, Button, Text, Sound, Frame and Action. * It helps me to Supply SWF Catcher for IE and firefox. * In order to avoid the movie font missed in other computers, Sothink SWF Decompiler can convert all found letters to shapes and save them in Library so that you can get the same font result on any PC or laptops. * It posses a built-in Flash viewer to play and view the Flash movies you select. * It includes font linkage in the converted FLA. * Its support converting the swf that contains components to fla file. * It helps me to Support expanding the sprite frame by frame. * It helps me to support exporting ActionScript in as format. * It can export the ActionScript code while converting the swf to FLA and shows the Script code neatly within the program. * It helps me to support ActionScript 2.0 fully. * It supports converting swf that contains video to FLA. * I can extract the video file from a Flash movie and export it in *.flv format. * It is a user-friendly Explorer-like interface.
Before i installed this sothink SWF decompiler on my personal Pentium M,Dell laptop, I notice that for it to work properly and effectively, it requires the following platform for me to have one of the operation systems like “Windows X p” on one’s system, which I already have and it works perfectly well for me.

Sothink SWF Decompiler is a tool to view, browse and parse Shockwave Flash movies (.swf files). It can extract images, movie clips sounds, from a Flash movies. Also, SWF Decompiler can decompile the action scripts in a Flash movie and turn them into neat and readable code.


In conclusions to my analysis and verification in regards to my experience using sothink SWF decompiler, there are a two points I would want people, who are willing to use it, must know about. It is cheaper and easier-to-use SWF protection programs out there, but using secureSWF is the best one I could find. It requires a little more learning than some of its other competition. SWF protection is not foolproof. There are shops that are dedicated to stripping out all the protection from your games so that they can remove your logo/copyright, add their own ads, and sell it as their own. If secureSWF can make a SWF hacker decide that your game's not worth the trouble, then it's likely paid for itself. Honestly speaking, you can load in a .swf file and it will show all the scripts, whereabouts they're located in the movie: in a frame, on a button and movie object. Basically, you still won't be able to export this to an .fla file, that’s the closest thing you'll get with it. I also discovered that there is no way one can convert a compiled .swf file back to it's .fla form, one can view the symbols and scripting, used in the movie in utilizing a software piece called AcitionScript Viewer. This could be found at the following website: , so go check it out ok. Finally, my suggestion is that you go to the link, download it, ins tall and try it out yourself. Wish you all the best as you enjoy it.