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Submitted by umraogurung on Sun, 2011-01-09 08:52.
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MP3Doctor is an editing tool that lets you check, modify, and improve your MP3 and WAV files. You can repair imperfect songs or modify them with trimming, equalizing, and resampling..
very good sound like a real...

Mp3 DOCTOR as well today offer you a lot of features and while making a choice one should keep in mind the one’s requirements. In spite of various brands being available today in market. The primary question while making the choice is whether you need to mp3 player just to listen to music or to store photos and watch videos as well. The capacity of the player needs to be large if you intend to watch videos on it as well. Attention should be paid to the software that comes along with the player. Other than that particular one, many others are available on the internet as well.
Is there a program to increase MP3 Volume??
Yes off course MP3 DOCTOR can increase.
MP3 doctor not only allows the user to edit the tracks by cutting, adding, or sampling parts. A really neat feature that i absolutely loved on this particular program was its ability to change the tempo (speed) of the song without changing the pitch (vocals higher or lower with the speed change).
This feature i give an A++++ because i, myself, am a DJ and have been one for over 6 years now and i appreciate being able to speed up or slow down a song without it sounding like the chip munks. Ridin’ dirty doesn’t sound good when sang by the chipmunks, Trust me! Overall, Like the title of my review!
Two basic categories exist as far as mp3 DOCTOR are concerned. They are as follows:
• The cheap ones that deliver you music only of a acceptable quality.
• The ones that offer high quality sound. The give you options regarding the quality of music to be stored. They may even be connected to sound systems or amplifiers.


Mp3Doctor is the perfect mp3 normalizer - volume normalizer, converter, resampler, equalizer.