Xeno Assault 2 Review

Mediocre 2d space shooter, decent breaktime game

Submitted by stonedfenix on Fri, 2007-03-23 08:27.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Easy installation, setup, and learning curve. Smooth controls. Dual control: mouse or keyboard
Dull backdrops, enemies, weapons, sound effects and gameplay. Small choice of resolutions.

This looks and feels like a game from 1995.
First off, your hit with an 80's guitar riff while staring at the bland loading screen. Then it switches to a more suitable electronica music for the rest of the game. The music isn't exceptional but at least you won't notice it much when your playing. The sound effects are also unimpressive and quite annoying at times, especially the laser.

You'll then notice the large and ugly HUD to the right which contains a score, stage, life counter, laser charge meter, lives and a shield meter. The game is on a 2d plane with 3d models moving about. The model detail is decent but also isn't spectacular. Your plane (no choice of planes) is a standard looking spacecraft, as are most enemies with the exception of the boss's. The background is a very boring, empty, scrolling, star field with layers of nebula. Your weapon or shot animation is very weak, different combinations and colors of thin laser beams and small fireballs.

The control is very smooth, just like moving your mouse. You get several layers of shields so you don't die in one hit. Your primary weapon is decently designed, auto-charges for a powerful laser but shoots little fireballs when charge is low. Secondary weapons are dropped by the enemies. Gameplay alternates between shootings at different formations of enemies and asteroid fields, back and forth till you reach the boss. The boss battles are usually the highlights, but even that was a letdown.


All in all, I would say skip it. The game does not justify paying upwards of 15 dollars for. Old abandonware games much more polished and offer way more satisfying gameplay.