Shape Solitaire Review

Fun, simple game - but gets old quickly.

Submitted by Lindentree on Sun, 2007-03-25 04:33.
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Appealing graphics, easy to learn
Becomes boring quickly, annoying music

Shape Solitaire is a new form of solitaire in which the player is given a specific “shape” to fill using cards that are one value higher or lower than those already placed on the board. The rules are very easy to pick up, and any player will be able to catch on in a matter of minutes. The game offers two levels of play: arcade, and classic.

Arcade mode is for quick thinkers. The cards scroll across the bottom of the screen, and the player must pick up a card and either find a place for it immediately, or discard it. Sparkling cards, if correctly placed, give the player bonuses. In contrast, classic mode is not a race against the clock, but is more like traditional solitaire. The player must strategically place cards in order to utilize as many turns as they can before discarding their current set of cards and drawing new ones.

Players can earn bonuses in both modes by quickly placing several cards in succession. There are also extra challenges like “suit tiles” where only a certain suit may be played. This game is a mixture of classic arcade and puzzle-style play, and might appeal to both players of traditional solitaire and those who enjoy games like Sudoku. Unlike many other games, it requires not only rapid clicking, but also thinking ahead and developing a strategy.

The learning curve in this game is very quick, as it provides users with an in-game tutorial that teaches them how to play in each mode. The graphics are nice, but the music becomes redundant and annoying very quickly. While the game is great for an hour or two, it really lacks content - each level is the same thing, but with a different “shape.“ The game is so simple that it can become monotonous very soon, and is really too basic to become addictive. It is fun for a few minutes, but after that it is (literally) the same thing over and over again.

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This is worth a look if you are a solitaire fan. Otherwise, there are many more innovative games out there that remain fun after dozens of plays.