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Word Up - Great Brain Game

Submitted by arteee13 on Sat, 2011-01-22 16:18.
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Very interesting brain game , easy to play .
I think price is to high , because there are a lot of very good free games like this .

WordUp! also known as Word Soup is a fun game for lovers of word searches and puzzles. This game is similar to Srabble since the main object of the game is to make words out of randomized letters. Letters are arranged in different-sized matrixes. Usual matrix is 13x9 making 117 tiles in total. However, size of matrix might vary according to your skills and age. Making up new word gives you points depending on how many letters there are in the word and what is the value of those letters. Q and Z are highest-valued letters because they are most uncommon letters to be found in words. There are also high-score tables in this game. They are specified as: Total score, longest word, highest scoring word and most words. This game is also provided in form of computer, xbox and iphone game. This option gives you availability to save game at any time and load it whenever you want and it got great variety of levels. However, main issue using these devices might be lack of words listed in the dictionary of them. This game is suggested to be played for people who got ESL (English as Second Language) since it helps students to develop their language, vocabulary skills. It also covers basic, intermediate and advanced English. People who playing this game are developing their speaking, listening, spelling skills followed by better usage of phrasal verbs. Don’t forget general knowledge as history, geography and science. This is a great learning tool for everyone since you can not only compete with others but is also found as one of the funniest ways to learn one of the most popular languages in the world.


This game encourages brain-working .