Pocket DVD Studio Review

Pocket DVD Studio Makes DVDs Mobile

Submitted by jgderuvo on Wed, 2006-02-01 21:34.
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The lowest price: 27.2$
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Easy to use. Fine quality. Fits on small SD cards.
Not nearly as automatic as it could be. No Mac version or iPod plugin yet.

Today's mobile society demands not only the ability to watch what we want when we want it, but also what we want HOW we want it. The iPod generation wants their entertainment on the go. But many of us who are traveling, and we don't feel like paying for a movie we didn't really want just because we don't want to be bored.

With our DVD collections sitting at home, it makes since to be able to convert those films for use on our portable media players.

Pocket DVD Studio makes that possible at a touch of a button. Simply place the DVD of choice in the PCs DVD player. Start up Pocket DVD Studio, and when the film beings, hit "start recording." Though, it could do with more automation, the interface works and works well.

Users can adjust size and can encode an entire two hour movie to either fit on a SD card to play on portable media devices like a Palm or Pocket PC PDA.

It's easy, it's mobile, it's quality. And it's works.


For those who enjoy movies but are constantly on the go, Pocket DVD Studio should be a part of their digital media toolbox.