Platypus Review

Artistic, yet boring shooter.

Submitted by saveknut on Wed, 2007-03-28 15:40.
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Easy to play, Clay graphics are cool and innovative, a nice variety of powerups, Provides some eye-candy.
Irritating Music, VERY slow game, it becomes boring after an hour of playing, i highly doubt you will play this more than a couple of days, Gameplay is somewhat tedious and not original.

Platypus is pretty much like any other Side scrolling shooters, and to be honest, not even the artistic graphics make it stand out from other side scrolling shooters.

Music seemed nice to me, but after a while i just had to turn off my speakers, as music becomes VERY annoying after an hour of play or so.
In-Game sounds seemed nice, but i have to say that they are the typical sounds of a 2D shooter. I found some effects to be kind of ripped off from other games.

Graphics, i have to admit, are great, but i found myself paying more attention on the graphics than on the gameplay itself.

There's a big Lack of innovation on Gameplay, It's so generical that it isn't even fun to play Platypus if you have played another Side scrolling shooter before. Very redundant and repetitive.


Overall, a Below average title, lacking of an interesting gameplay, doesn't really innovate in any aspect aside from Clay Graphics. I HIGHLY doubt you will enjoy anything more than the graphics.