EZ-DJ Plus Review

EZ-DJ Plus...cool but lacks appeal for professionals.

Submitted by ErikJohn77 on Fri, 2011-01-28 09:38.
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The lowest price: 16.99$
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It is very easy to use, affordable and enjoyable.
It is very colorful that it already looked like a 7 year-old's game on pc.

EZ-DJ Plus is a software that makes anyone a DJ. It is very easy to use that even first-timers in mixing could be mistaken as professional DJs. It has amazing tricks, nice featured tracks and cool effects especially the warping sound which allows you to take control of how the music would sounds like. You can even click any buttons without keeping in mind about the tune and tempo of the music because the software will be the one who will do that for you.

It is not complicated to use which is good especially when the target consumers are the public but its "simplicity" is already exaggerated. In reality, we can't really say professionals would like the way the software looks like. It is already colorful and the graphic imagery is a little bit corny. Even a 7 year-old could mistaken it as a computer game like in hanggaroo, typershark, etc.

Another thing is it lacks some features for more professional audio mixing experience. For most professionals, the use of equalizers in audio mixing is very much important because it is the one used for controlling the sound of each track playing. Another feature that is lacking is the very limited feature tracks. Of course you can also use the software for mixing your own mp3s but if there is a site exclusively for the mixer where consumers could download tracks that they could use directly to their EZ-DJ Plus, it could be a lot better.


It is a success when you talk about first-timers who wanted to act professional DJs but for professionals, it has still a lot of work to make up.