Gutterball 2 Review

Gutterball 2 software review

Submitted by rhk04004 on Mon, 2011-01-31 10:26.
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Multiple Levels (with twists) Great High Score Board (which keeps key statistics) Can play against computer or a friend.
The sound is really annoying. The commentators, music, and crowd repeat themselves almost every 30 seconds. Easy to Unlock Levels.

Gutterball 2 is definitely an improvement from Gutterball 1. The graphics are a lot better, but that's not saying much. Gutterball 2 offers a 3D rendering of its environment. Thanks to the reflection option in Gutterball 2 the pins and ball look like they have some depth to them, which makes the direction of the ball easier to determine. There is more to the game which allows the user scenario changes which is really great since playing in the same lane in the same bowling alley gets really boring.
The music and sound effects are terrible , the crowd makes the same noises every time, however the good news is that the crowd can be turned off. The commentator is amusing the first two games you play but after that you want to turn him off too (which is also an option) you can also change which commentator you want. The music itself is a 30 second loop which gets annoying as well (also can be turned off).
The game is extremely easy in earlier levels, I've never bowled over 200 in my life and I haven't bowled a game below 200 yet in Gutterball 2. But just wait until you unlock the higher levels there are some serious curve balls in there which will surprise you and you'll be glad the game got tougher. Once all levels are unlocked its good since there is a variety to choose from. However you can always go back to traditional bowling if wanted.
Multiplayer mode and play against the computer keep the game interesting, however there is single player mode to try and beat your own best. The high score table is actually very good keeping all player statistics, such as strike percentage, worst game score, and head pin percentage, as well as others. The high score table also splits high scores amongst the different places to play.


The game play is fun with levels to unlock. The high score board allows you to try to beat old scores as well as old stats keeping the game interesting.