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Submitted by vivek007 on Thu, 2011-02-03 05:03.
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Can raise your productivity if you're doing a lot of CSS editing Intuitive navigation through hyperlinks within the documents, etc Great handling of sites
There are many other little goodies for editing, such as a Style Sweeper for reformatting your style sheets and the ability to view all styles relating to a particular (X)HTML tag or CSS rule. TopStyle can even upgrade your HTML to CSS by converting to CSS any HTML markup that has been deprecated in favor of CSS.

TopStyle is a HTML, CSS and XHML editor. Come join Havard in this review as he takes a detailed look at TopStyle and its many, many cool features.If you've ever edited CSS documents by hand, you probably know how difficult it can be. If you think remembering each and every style-name can be an impossible task, try remembering all of the compatibility differences between each browser, for each and every style. CSS editors are here to ease the task of keeping our CSS documents clean and tidy.

Today I've decided to review Bradsoft's TopStyle Pro 3.0. TopStyle Pro is an IDE primarily for CSS creation and editing, but it has extensive HTML and XHTML support too.

Here's a list of the key-features:
CSS, HTML and XHTML editing
Checks your syntax against multiple browsers
Upgrade all outdated tags (like ) to their CSS compatible counterparts with the click of a mouse
Convert your HTML to XHTML with TopStyle's HTML Tidy integration
Examine the CSS classes used throughout your site
Side-by-side Internet Explorer and Netscape Gecko preview
And many more... Take a look at the official TopStyle Pro site for more features and screenshots
You may have heard of TopStyle before, as it's free lite-version has been featured in many of the leading HTML editors. It's time to see if TopStyle Pro knows how to play the game...


Bradbury's last version of its CSS editor, TopStyle Pro, packs a lot of interesting features. These features will definitely help you improve your productivity. I recommend it to everyone that has to manage large sites where CSS are used extensively. This product might just be what you need to improve your productivity when creating CSS heavy sites. You may have noticed that I'm very excited about this product, and it's hard to not be. I just want to conclude with this statement: this is by far the best CSS editor I've ever used!