Weave Words Review

Spell B-O-R-E-D-O-M with Weave Words

Submitted by kayefrasco on Thu, 2011-02-03 06:40.
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hangaroo and bookworm games in one
dull colors, unexciting music and sound effects, slow animation (nothing special)

Dull colors, unexciting music and sound effects and slow animation- these are just some of the boring characteristics of Weave Words. I am very interested with playing word games but surprisingly, Weave Words has not fascinated me. Firstly unlike other games like Bookworm or Text Twist, this game has the corniest music I ever heard for a puzzle game. It seems that I am listening to the interlude of a karaoke. Secondly, it has weird font styles that only fit cheap and super easy games for kids. The colors are also not appealing for me. The color blue or red around white letters and huge background color of blue with yellow seem to be all over the place that made the game more confusing and heavy. Thirdly, I do not like its very slow animation. I guess I could make a tap on the computer table first before seeing whether a letter appears on the mystery phrase or before the guess ball drops. Instead of building up the excitement, it just loses my appetite to look for a better word or guess the phrase. Lastly, I do not see anything special and unique with this word game. It has no trivia or dictionary included that could not enrich the knowledge of its players on vocabulary or even on spelling.
Boredom: that’s what I get in playing Weave Words.


Boredom: that’s what I get in playing Weave Words.