Flash Catcher Review

Good Idea, helps speed up web browsing

Submitted by drumnstar182 on Sun, 2007-04-01 06:38.
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Saves time, easy and effective
only works with IE

We have dial up computers at work, let me tell you the interenet is not made for those with dial up anymore. Everything is about being flashy (no pun intended). Flash websites take a long time to download on dial up, and even sometimes on cable or dsl, especially if one is using a wireless router and sharing with other computers.

What this program does is allow you to download the flash the first time you view the site, so that you can view the page much more quickly the next time you visit it. This is helpful for websites with flash that you visit on a regular basis.

A small flaw is that it can only download .swf format flashes and not those displayed using php code.

Owning a mac, I will always say that any good software needs to be compatible with both programs.

Flash Catcher is only available for Internet explorer. Of course you can get IE for your mac, but why would you want to when you have safari, and if you have a PC you probably prefer firefox. But I am sure as the software catches on it will upgrade to other browsers.


Great idea, good program, just needs to expand to firefox and safari.