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Zzed - Charming

Submitted by Bartleby Chevenix on Sun, 2007-04-01 13:58.
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Easy to use control system, an alright plot, quite fun, has an arcade feel to it
It's following the trend of futuristic settings, msuic is a bit cheesy

Puzzle-shooters ae not really that common and before I played the game, I failed to think of any at all. But the moment the gameplay started, one game name entered my head - Bust a Move.

It's essencially the same as this classic game series - use your contraption (A spaceship) to fire meteorites at similarily colored meteorites and build up combos and points. The game also has an 'Asteroids' feel to it as the basic design is also infleuenced by this game.

The controls are simple to use and the music in-game does add to the futuristic setting. The game's plot (Yes it has a plot) involves you (Zzed) getting employed by an intergalatic garbage destroying company so you can make big cash and win your girlfriend from her father. It does sound a little bit cliched but I found it bearable.

Graphics-wise, the game is very good quality: I have no real complaints about it's looks.

I wouldn't have minded some voice acting in this, for the cutscenes in-between levels but that's just my preferance and not a problem for the game. But one problem the game faces is that many downloadable games do seem to follow a futuristic setting and I'm beginning to get bored of that.

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As long as you don't mind the overused setting, then Zzed is definetly worth a bit of your time!