SoundTaxi Professional Review

Excellent Software!

Submitted by Gh0sth4x on Sun, 2011-02-06 02:56.
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- Very fast piece of software - No quality difference between unconverted and converted file - It was extremely easy - It's cheap compared to the other pieces of software.
- None!

When I first saw SoundTaxi, I was skeptical. I had already tried some software that was supposed to remove the DRM from the music files to no avail. However, I decided to give it a try from seeing a lot of good feedback on the software.

The results were outstanding. I was able to remove the DRM from 30 iTunes music files easily and fast with no noticeable quality difference. It converted all my iTunes music into MP3 files that my other music player could play.

You may be wondering, "This must all be pretty hard to get working, right?" Wrong. After making a small payment, you get to download the software right away. After it installs, you drag the music files right into the software, and hit "Convert". You select the path it puts the files into, and it does the rest. It's as easy as that.

You may also be wondering, "Is this software slow?" I think not. I converted the 30 iTunes music files into DRM-free MP3 files in 15 minutes. It works by playing the music files at blazing fast speeds in a virtual sound device, and recording it in another.

Not only is it easy and fast, but it is also cheap. Let's think about it: Tunebite by Audials is $40, Noteburner is $40, and AppleMacSoft DRM Converter is $40, but I was able to get SoundTaxi for only $25. It's the cheapest DRM removal software I have seen on the market.


All in all, if you buy a lot of iTunes music and want to put it on another device, this is a must have piece of software. It works extremely well.