3D Live Snooker Review

All About 3D Live Snooker- a Game worth Playing

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3D Live Snooker has three different types of snooker games to choose from; it has option to choose computer opponents, take on a friend on the same computer or in Network Play; the look of cues, pool tables, balls and rooms you play in can all be customized; it has 5 challenging difficulty levels; and high score board which records your best scores.
3D Live Snooker has no tutorial by which rules, controls, and shots can be taught; it is lacking in sounds; and there is no much control over camera angle and view.

3D Live Snooker as the name implies is a real snooker game of fun that will entertain you for hours. When you want to play the game, there are many different types of snooker games to choose from ranging from mini-snooker to full snooker. You can set the different parts of the game the way you want it to look, that is, adjusting it from the pool table to the balls you use. You can also adjust the computer opponents in order to find out what actually suit your skill level, check your highest scores and try to beat them. 3D Live Snooker is a great snooker game from the beginning to the end.
You begin the game by choosing the type of snooker that you will like to play. There are 10 different types of games to choose from or play, like short snooker and full snooker. As soon as you choose a game, then you can select other options. For instance, you can give name to the computer opponent and customize their difficulty or you can just play against another player. The various game types to choose from gives you choice which help to keep the game always fresh even though the selection is somehow limited.
This great game has 2 modes of play. The Quick Play which allow you to take on a computer opponent or a friend in one of the three different snooker games. As you play the game you choose without stop, the wins as well as the losses for each player are being recorded by the game and shown to you on the screen. The second mode is called Network Play. Network Play lets you take on a friend through a Network but their IP address will be required to be able to play a game against them.
When you play against an opponent, you will find 5 different difficulty levels to choose from. These adjustments help you to either make the computer opponent harder or easier; however, this depends on how skillful you are in pool. Whether you are good at pool or not, the game can still be challenging for all players even on the easier settings.
The game has simple and easy controls that can be referenced through the in-game help. These controls provide you with the basics of taking shots and customizing the camera even though they don’t cover advanced shooting methods or techniques. Although, a simple tutorial could have been used to teach the basics and the advanced techniques, the controls don’t create a huge hurdle to playing this game to any player.
3D Live Snooker has very well made graphics and they are quite better than other like games. Also, it provides you with option to adjust the appearance of the pool tables, balls, cues, and even the rooms where the game is played. Though, you are limited when it comes to controlling the camera angle and view during play. You take a view from a side of the table, sometimes making it hard to see the entire table or shots. It is possible to look straight from top; however, you can’t move your cue or take shots in that view. If you were able to play from either view, that would have been a nice improvement. In addition, the game has sounds weakness when it comes to balls hitting each other and other such actions but nothing more than that. And this actually makes 3D Live Snooker game feel cool, quiet and a bit empty. If the game were to have music and more sounds, it would have been better.


3D Live Snooker is a great and excellent game which has 3 different types of games to make your choice from. You have the option to choose computer opponents at various difficulty levels, play against your friend on the same computer, or in Network Play. You can adjust the look of the cues, pool tables and rooms you play in. There is a high score board which records your best scores and you can try to beat them. Although there are some minor flaws, these cannot be compared to the positives of this great game. This game therefore is a must for every snooker fan.