Cute Reminder Review

Cute Reminder - Cute but Pointless

Submitted by Bartleby Chevenix on Mon, 2007-04-02 15:22.
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Colorful, useful for forgetful people, can set reminders
Relatively pointless for most of us, too cluttered, notes and reminders take up monitor room

Cute Reminder is a program that allows you to record notes, ideas and reminders on your PC monitor. Wait a sec, while I get a notepad and write this down! I'll have to remind myself to downoad it so I'll write that too and I better remember this idea so I'll write that too! beginning to see the pointlessness of the program: We can already do it!

I can't complain about the looks of the program, everything looks nice and cute! One small problem is that the interface is a little too cluttered for my liking. Maybe for a future release the developers could sort out the spacing issues.

The three different functions of the program, Note, Reminder and Idea all work much better than they should be allowed to. All of them work well and all do the tasks they assigned to do.

To be fair, if you happen to use the pC a lot and tend to forget things then Cute Reminder is actually a very worthy program to use. It reminds you of what you need to be reminded of so you won't forget that dinner date again! You can leave notes for yourself and ideas, which is especially good if you're a writer and you come up with an idea on the spot and you want to note it.

Otherwise, Cute Reminder is an interesting but ultimately pointless program

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Only for forgetful people.