EditPlus Review

For this price it's worth it!

Submitted by DaBlow on Mon, 2011-02-14 18:10.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very fast and powerful, Great syntax highlighting, Tons of useful features, Great search and replace, Good support.
AJAX support missing.

First time when i installed this software my purpose was only testing. In the second day i already used it for everything. Very fast and lightweight program, it manage to open 500 MB TXT files for just a second - faster than any other text editing software i ever used (not to mention the 2 minutes "not responding" windows notepad!)
The context menu incorporation is very useful - you don't need to make EditPlus your default editor to open any file with just two clicks on the mouse. The application is full with tiny but very useful options like the "remove leading spaces" and "join lines" (very handy if you want to keep your code good looking), the change case feature, the auto backup of the original version, even the character counter is very nice and good working. Very nice addition is the HTML toolbar, especially the auto anchor tag and the color picker. The "Save all" button is great time saver if you are working with a lots of files simultaneously. Search and replace is working as expected - like a charm.
Syntax highlighting feature is really great and work also like a charm, making the different language easy to recognize. The rulers are great addition to all these tiny but enjoyable features this software provide. The "preview in browser" option is very good, for me it's a vital option in this kind of software, although split feature (code/preview) will be nice.
The support is great - more than expected. Good help and tons of custom syntax files are available for download from the official website (although AJAX support will be nice in the general package).
Once installed EditPlus it's very addictive, so you'll replace your notepad/wordpad/NFO viewer in a days and will use it for almost everything.


Bottom line - this piece of software is worth every cent, not only for program languages editor but even as a main viewer for the most used text file types.